Bargain Baby Clothes

Infants grow so fast that it can be a struggle to keep up with their changing clothing needs.  All of those cute outfits from your baby shower? – either outgrown or never worn.

But good news for the fabuless mama watching her bottom line. These days baby clothes can be bought for budget prices at almost any store from Macy’s to Baby Gap to Babies R Us. But there’s no need to seek out department stores or specialty boutiques to find cute duds for your dear baby. Especially since when they’re really young, they’re probably spending most of their time at home.

As a new mother, you may find yourself stuck close to the house for the first couple of months at least, unable to travel very far with a newborn. I made frequent trips to the grocery store and the Kmart within walking distance to my house to buy goods. It was during my leisurely strolls through Kmart that I discovered cute baby outfits (and clothes for mom too) at bargain basement prices. In fact, Kmart may be the best-kept secret in infant-wear. They have a larger selection than most of the retailers I patronize, and their prices are about half that of the others.

I never thought I’d find myself buying clothes at Kmart, but I have to say that they really have some cute stuff, and you don’t have to search that hard to find great items. Here is a random sampling of baby clothes I pulled from the closet that were purchased at Kmart:

Kmart Bargains

Baby clothes

Being able to buy outfits for between $3 and $10 has satisfied my clotheshorse need to keep the baby girl’s closet stuffed, even if she outgrows the items lickety-split. And Kmart isn’t the only big box retailer you should check out. Target and Wal-Mart also stock tons of discount baby-wear. There’s no Wal-Mart near my house, but I have bought a few items at Target. But my anecdotal research shows Kmart offering the steepest discounted baby gear.

There’s really no need to spend a fortune on infant clothes when you’re only able to use them for a couple of months before they’re outgrown. Clearly for special events you can splurge on that designer outfit that will only be worn once by baby. But for daily wear, nothing beats discount shopping to keep your baby looking fabuless.

$7 Pink Pajamas From Kmart!

$7 Pink Pajamas From Kmart!


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